Dental Unit CX 9000 UP

Country of Origin
ManufacturerCX DENTAL
Warranty Period
Price16430 Ron/pcs (13806 Ron/pcs + TVA)
for details and orders please call
+40(744) 213.698; +40(738) 683.308

Dental Unit model CX2305/2311 UP version having the following parameters:
-    24 volts electromechanics system
-    Doctor´s lamp, metallic structure, having 2 position of light intensities and motion sensor
-    Moveable ceramic spittoon
-    Digital touch-pad on doctors side and assistant side used for dental unit movements, memory positions, cup water, spittoon water and cup water temporization and heater
-    5 terminals installed on doctor side as follows: 1 air/water syringe, 1 Midwest ( 4holes ), 2 Fiber optic ( 6 holes ), 1 internal ultrasonic scaler model Woodpecker Nw with detachable hand-piece
-    Closed water circuit  ( bottle ) with switch for selecting water from bottle or from external source
-    Assistant side having 3 terminals as follows: air/water syringe, saliva aspirator using water mechanism and surgical aspirator using air mechanism
-    Doctor´s chair in the same color as the Dental Unit

Options that can be installed:
1.    Curing light on the assistant side ( 1200 mw/cm )
2.    Electrical motor ( with or without brushes ) on doctor´s side