Endodontic Treatment Engine, C-SMART-I

Product code37;368
Country of OriginChina
Warranty Period1 year
Price3054 Ron/pcs (2566 Ron/pcs + TVA)
Special Offer2400.00 Ron/pcs
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Endodontic treatment engine with included apex locator with the following characteristics:

-powerfull micro-motor, e-type connection with contra angle piece
-large color screen
-9 independent positions with set-able speed and torque
-automatic reverse direction of rotation at the torque limit or apex proximity
-automatic on/off function when entering/exit root canal
-auto slow down when approaching the apex before auto reverse
-auto stop and memory functions
-5 speed steps from 125 to 625 rpm
-adjustable torque from 0.3-5.2 N/cm

Apex locator:

-Uses two frequency for accurate measurements in dry and whet environment.
-can work as apex locator only or together with the endodontic engine to provide precise positioning during work

General characteristics:

-Large capacity Li-Ion battery
-Universal power charger with euro plug (110-220v)
-Contra angle included, but it can use any other e-type contra angle handpiece
-can be used e-type reduction contra angle handpiece too.